What is my PIN number?

First things first: at N26 there are two different PIN codes—your Confirmation PIN and your Card PIN. Fun fact—you create both of them yourself.

  • Your Confirmation PIN is used to confirm all actions made within the app, such as transfers, password changes, CASH26, etc. You set it up from the app when you pair your smartphone for the first time.
    • You can change it from My Account > Security > Change your Confirmation PIN.
  • Your Card PIN is used to make withdrawals and pay in shops with your card. You set it up from the app right after receiving and activating your N26 card.
    • You can change it from Cards > Card settings > Reset PIN. If you live in France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Finland, or Estonia you must make an ATM withdrawal to fully set your new PIN number.


We'll never send you a PIN via post or any of our communications channels. You’re the only one who should ever know your PINs.

For security reasons we don’t accept any PIN containing elements of your birth date, address, or any combination of repeated digits or numerical sequences (such as 1994, 1331, or 1234). If the number you chose is incorrect, please try a different combination.

For further details about these PINs, visit the corresponding Support Center articles linked above.