Why does N26 do checks on transactions?

We have the responsibility to run routine checks on transactions (see GwG § 10). These checks are based on individual transactions and are automatically initiated by our systems.

As a result, we may ask you to verify the origin or source of your funds. If you receive such a request, just send the requested documents via email. There are no exceptions or bypasses for such checks. And in cases of non-compliance, your account may be seized and cancelled.

Both the process and the result are confidential and handled internally. This practice ensures the safety of our customers and their transactions.

The sooner we received the required documentation the faster the checks are done. Here are some tips to speed up the process:

  • You can provide any receipt, bill, invoice, contract, or similar document that makes it possible for us to clearly identify the transaction in question and its origin and purpose. You can send us scanned documents, pictures, or screenshots (as long as the original content of the document is easily readable).

  • Be precise in your answers, details, and documents. If your documents don't clearly support your statements or you miss details, we may have to ask you again.

  • Reply as soon as possible but within 14 days at the latest.

  • Use the email you received from N26 to reply and send attachments. Our Customer Support doesn’t have any additional information on this subject.

  • You must provide valid documentation depending on your situation: