How to change my card limits?

You can increase your personal card limits in the N26 mobile app on your paired device.

Please note, it's not possible to increase your personal card limits beyond the maximum card limits you can find below. Our Customer Service is also not able to increase the maximum limits for you.

Any change you apply to your personal card limits will be applied right away to the card you've selected.

Card limits

Limits for card payments in stores and online:

  • 20.000 € per day (applies alongside the monthly limit)
  • 20.000 € per month

Limits for ATM withdrawals:

  • 1.000 € per day
  • 2.500 € per week
    • For accounts opened in France, the weekly limit is 1.050 €
    • For accounts opened in Italy, the weekly limit is 2.000 €

How to increase my card limits?

  1. In the home screen tap on Cards
  2. Select the card of which you want to increase the limits
  3. Tap on Limits