How does Spaces work?

Set goals, create and personalize Spaces, and transfer money between them instantly. Spaces is available in the mobile and WebApp (new tab).

  • In addition to your main account (or primary space), you can create and delete additional Spaces as often as you’d like but the number of active Spaces available depends on your account type: up to 10 additional Spaces with N26 You, N26 Smart and N26 Metal.
  • Your primary account statements will include all transactions sent to a space or received from one. You can download balance statements from the confirmation page.
  • Only your N26 main account can be negative (if you are eligible for an overdraft). Spaces cannot be negative, meaning you can only transfer what is available in a particular space.
  • You can only use the balance from your primary space toward your Mastercard transactions. So consider transferring money before making a purchase if needed.
  • Move money from one space to another by holding down on your Main Account and dragging and dropping into your space. Once the amount is confirmed the balance is updated right away.
  • You can lock and unlock a space at anytime from your mobile and web app. You'll only need to confirm with your confirmation PIN. If a space is locked, you’ll still be able to transfer money to it. If you need to withdraw money from a locked space, you need first to unlock it.
  • You'll be able to hide the amount within the Space from your account's total balance. Just go into your Space, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select ‘Hide space balance’.

Spaces includes a feature called Rules which will help you manage your time and your finances effectively.

Round-up Savings:

Round-Up Savings allows Premium customers to have each card transaction they make rounded up to the nearest euro, with the difference transferred to a Space of your choice.

  • Round-Ups will not put you into overdraft. If you don't have sufficient balance to cover the Round-Up, the Round-Up will not take place.
  • You can only have one Round-Up active at a time moving money into one Space of your choice
  • You can disable the Round-Up feature at any point
  • If you closes a Space that has Round-Ups enabled on it, the Round-Ups feature will be turned off until they enable it again.

IBANs for Spaces subaccounts:

Premium customers (N26 Smart, You and Metal) who opened their account in Germany and who have a ‘DE’ IBAN can now assign a unique IBAN to their Space or Spaces. Once a Space has an IBAN assigned the Space can then be used to send and receive certain transfers. Below is a summary of how you can use your Spaces for even better control of your incoming and outgoing transfers:

  • Receive incoming credit transfers: Once you have assigned an IBAN to Space, you can share your unique IBAN details to receive transfers.
  • Pay your outgoing direct debits: Spaces with an assigned IBAN are able to be used to pay your outgoing direct debits.
  • Multiple Spaces with IBANs: You can create up to 10 Spaces with a unique IBAN for even more control of where your money is coming and going.

You can find our dedicated article with more information about IBANs for Spaces here.