What you need to know about the Italian IBAN

IMPORTANT - Currently new customers signing up in Italy will receive an Italian IBAN. For our existing customers in Italy with a German IBAN, as soon as we have information to share on how and when you can obtain an Italian IBAN, we will get back in touch.

Why didn’t N26 offer an Italian IBAN from the beginning?

Theoretically, having a German IBAN in Italy shouldn’t be an issue under EU law which states that all EU IBANs should be accepted, regardless if it’s from a different country than your country of residence. However, we’ve been listening to our customers and know that this isn’t always the case. To make things easier, we’ve now decided to offer our Italian customers their own local Italian IBAN.

Can I receive my salary/social/unemployment benefit/pension?

You can indeed receive incoming transfers in Euros to the Italian IBAN associated with your N26 account.

Can I create Direct Debits?

Yes, you can. Simply provide the relevant company with your N26 IBAN to set up Direct Debits.

Can I create Standing orders?

Yes, you can. Standing orders can be set up in the N26 app via the "Transfers" section.

When trying to send a transfer to my N26 Italian IBAN, the sending bank said the account details aren't recognised. What is the issue?

It's possible that the sending bank doesn't yet have our new Italian BIC in their system. Please contact the sending bank so they can update their database and process your transfer.

Can I deposit cash on my N26 account?

Our customers in Italy can use CASH26 to withdraw and deposit cash through our partner stores. You can see how this works by visiting our Support Center here.

Does anything change in terms of the fees or cost related to using the account (price list)?

Offering an Italian IBAN won't change the costs associated with your account. You can check the price list with all relevant information here (new tab).

Is it true that if I open an account now, I won’t have to pay the stamp duty?

A stamp duty of €34.20 is due on accounts with an annual average balance exceeding €5,000 (subject to subsequent changes to the law). It is paid by the Bank on bank statements until March 31st, 2023.

From April 2023 and until December 31st, 2023, the annual stamp duty will be paid by the customer. The amount will be charged on the customer's account by direct debit. Customers will not not need to provide any kind of declaration.