What are Cards for Spaces?

You can now link and unlink any given N26 Card to any of your Spaces at any time! This feature helps you keeping your finances organized. When you pay with a card that is linked to your Space, the amount will be charged from that Space! Both physical and virtual cards can be linked to your Spaces.

  1. In the home screen, tap Finances
  2. Select the Space you want to link the card to
  3. Tap Cards & IBANs
  4. Tap Choose a Card
  5. Select your card and tap Link to >space name<

Alternatively, you can link your card through the Cards tabs:

  1. In the home screen, tap Cards
  2. Tap Card Settings
  3. Tap Linked to
  4. Select your preferred Space and tap Link to >card name<

Good to know:

  • You can link more than one card to a Space
  • The feature is not available for Shared Spaces

What more can I do with my Spaces?

  • How can I assign an IBAN to my Spaces?
  • How can I set orders between my Spaces (including my main account) with Rules?
  • How can I automatically transfer any proportion of my incoming transfers to my Spaces with the Income Sorter?
  • How can I automatically round up any card payment and transfer the difference to my Space with Round-Ups?