How can I prevent fraud via SMS?

Did you get a text message followed by a suspicious link?

If so, DO NOT click on it! This is a phishing attempt.

How does the scam work?

  1. You receive an SMS with spooky tones that invites you to open a link.
  2. The link has a different URL than our official one (new tab)
  3. The page obtained by opening the link mimics the graphics used by N26, the sharing of some personal data is requested, such as the email password, N26 password, card number, CVC, PIN codes, codes arrived via SMS , and so on. Never provide this data outside the N26 app or web app!
  4. After the SMS, an individual who claims to be an N26 agent might call you and try to convince you to carry out some suspicious operations, such as providing additional account data or authorizing unsolicited transactions via N26 App. Remember: never confirm a payment on N26 App if you do not recognize the beneficiary or the merchant!

In this case you should, immediately change your login password.

You can do this by going to the App > My Account > Settings > Security > Change Login Password. Or, during the login, you can click on Forgot? We will send you an email outlining the next steps.

If you have shared any personal data via a phishing site, contact us via live chat from our app. Our agents will assist you in ensuring your account remains protected. Also,  send a screenshot of the SMS to

Do I need to confirm a transaction to be able to receive a refund?

Absolutely not! We would never instruct you to authorise a transaction that you did not initiate. Never confirm transactions if you do not recognise a recipient's name or IBAN in the case of debit transfers; an email or phone number in the case of a MoneyBeam payment; and a merchant's name in the case of a card transaction.

How to recognise N26 official communications?

We will never send you links via SMS: never trust an SMS from us that contains a link! 

N26 usually sends verification codes via "AUTHMSG"; these codes will always originate from this sender. These codes are used to access the App or to associate the device with the account. Never share your OTP (One Time Password) codes with anyone!

Our primary means of communication are live chat, email and our premium customer phone line.

We do not call our customers, unless (in very specific cases) a call has been requested by a customer themselves.

Therefore, if after clicking on a link, you’re informed that you will be contacted shortly by an N26 agent due to an unsuccessful operation, be wary of impending phone calls!

How do scammers find out my personal information?

In today’s day and age, it’s likely that your personal data is publicly available online. Think social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s often the case that sensitive data is left unsecured. Scammers exploit people's vulnerability by collecting information and using it to their advantage.