Can N26 close my account?

In short: yes.

As a fully licensed bank, N26 must carry out routine technical checks on customer accounts. As a regulated institution, this helps us ensure that the funds held in N26 accounts are kept safe and secure.

On occasion, the results of these routine checks may require us to terminate our business relationship with an account holder. 

Whenever this may be the case, the owner of the account will be fully informed of the situation via email. In every situation, N26 will contact you only at the email address associated with your N26 account. Clear instructions will be provided in this email on the next steps you should take. 

Always be vigilant and verify that such emails come from N26. We will only even contact you at the email address associated with your N26 account and never via SMS or phone, and we will never ask for your N26 account details, password or card details. 

How can N26 close my account?

We can close your account in 3 ways (with 2 months notice, 14 days notice, or immediately). These cancellations are final: our Customer Support can’t provide any information about the background of individual cancellations nor can they reverse the decision. You’re also able to terminate your business relationship with us at any time, immediately, and without a reason.

2 months notice:

We have the right to terminate any business relationship with 2 months notice without a cause (see section 19 (1) of our T&Cs (new tab) or § 675h of the German Civil Code).

14 days notice:

We can also terminate any business relationship with 14 days notice (see section 19 (3) of our T&Cs (new tab)) if reasonable cause is given due to the breach of contractual duties. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Using a personal account for business purposes. According to our T&Cs, a private account may only be used for personal use. Any credit transfers that relate to professional fees for provided services and/or sold products are considered business transactions. If you’d like to use your account for this purpose, please sign up for an N26 Business, N26 Business You or N26 Business Metal account.
  • Providing incorrect or insufficient information for a routine background check. We’re a bank so we sometimes run checks on transactions. If you don’t provide correct and/or sufficient information about the transaction in question, we have the right to terminate the business relationship in order to be compliant with German financial regulations.
  • Displaying abusive behaviour towards N26 employees. We don’t tolerate abusive behaviour towards our employees. The threat of physical harm or general abusive behaviour may be considered a criminal offense according to German law and will be reported to the respective authority without exception.

Immediate cancellation

We may also terminate any business relationship on an extraordinary basis (see section 19 (3) of our T&Cs (new tab)). That means: at any time, without prior notice, and without a cancellation period when there is reasonable cause for such termination. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Providing incorrect statements to N26 about your financial situation, especially when you apply for a credit.
  • Failure to repay your loan or any debt toward N26.
  • Failure to comply with N26's requests about your loan (see provision or increase of security, section 13 (2) of our T&C's (new tab)).