Why was I charged an ATM fee?

The amount of free cash withdrawals you have with your N26 Mastercard depends on your T&C Country (the country you originally shipped your first card to) and which account type (new tab) you have. To avoid certain fees, especially when travelling, you can use the Mastercard ATM Locator (new tab) and select 'no access fee' to find free ATM’s nearby. If you are charged an ATM fee this could be for a number of reasons and you can find out more below:

  • A €2 fee applies to any additional withdrawal beyond our Fair Use Policy. You can identify this fee in your transaction history as a separate transaction (we’ll remind you via push message when you’re running low on free withdrawals).
  • Some ATM providers may charge independent fees which we can’t reject or reverse. The ATM should display the fee before you complete the withdrawal. In your transaction list the fee is added on top of the withdrawal amount. N26 fees on the other hand appear as separate transactions. Customers in Spain can find a solution here.
  • Foreign currency ATM withdrawals sometimes include fees. With the N26 Standard, N26 Business and Smart account, there’s a fee of 1.7% of the withdrawal amount. This fee is waived for N26 You, Business You or N26 Metal and Business Metal members.
  • Using your Maestro for ATM withdrawals. A €2 fee applies to both domestic or international withdrawals. Maestro is only available in Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands.
  • If you have our N26 Flex account, all withdrawals cost €2.