What are Instant transfers?

All N26 customers now have the ability to send instant transfers. Unlike regular SEPA transfers which are processed within two business days, instant transfers are sent and received within seconds.

How to make an instant transfer?

  1. From the Home screen choose the Send money tab,
  2. Select a recipient from the contact list
  3. Enter the amount and select Continue
  4. Enter an optional reference text and select Continue
  5. Choose to send it as an Instant Bank Transfer or Standard Bank Transfer
  6. Enter your confirmation PIN
  7. Confirm the transfer on the review screen.

The transfer will be processed and received within approximately 10 seconds

Please note: if the recipient’s bank isn't part of the SCT Instant Scheme, you won’t have the option to send an instant transfer. Regular SEPA-transfers take up to 2 working days.

How much do instant transfers cost?

  • Instant transfers are free of charge for customer with a premium membership!
  • N26 Standard customers will be charged a fee for using instant transfers. The fee is charged directly after as a separate transaction and the fee is different per country:
    • Germany and Austria - 0,49€
    • Spain - 1,99€
    • Italy, France and Rest of Europe - 0,99€

Good to know:

  • Although instant, these types or transfers may still be delayed due to processing, embargo, etc. (just like regular transfers), so for important payments, e.g. deposits or down payments, it is best to make these payments in advance to avoid any external financial losses due to delays.
  • The maximum amount you can send with instant transfers is 10.000€ per 24 hours, in one or several transfers.
  • If you’re using instant transfer for an important payment (deposit, fine, down payment), please consider sending the payment in advance in order to avoid any delay related to its possible rejection or embargo.
  • If you’re paying a good or service via instant bank transfer, always make sure to check the receiver’s details and credentials before confirming the transaction. It is always best to be vigilant against scams.