How to block my N26 card?

You can block and unblock your cards at any time in the app. Go to the Cards tab and select the card you want to block to access its settings. There you can decide if you want to temporarily limit or disable your ATM withdrawals, online payments or payments abroad, or block your card entirely.

This way, you have full control of your card and can protect yourself against unauthorized transactions. You should immediately block your card if anything looks suspicious. You can always unblock it later.

If you do not have access to your N26 mobile app or your N26 webapp login, you can also request to block your card or account by calling us at +44 2035 107126 or +49 303 6428 6881 (both lines in English) .

Please note: we never call from these particular numbers and, in general, every call you would receive from us will be previously arranged via your in-app inbox Messages from N26. Keep in mind that we'll never ask you to transfer funds on the phone.