My card is expiring soon, what do I have to do?

If your N26 Mastercard has expired or will expire soon, in this article you will find all the information on how to order a new one, the related costs and shipping times. 

Before proceeding with reordering a new card, we recommend that you check that all your personal details are correct and up to date and.

If your card is expiring soon, please log into your N26 account in the app, go to Cards Tab and look for a banner under the corresponding card. Follow the steps to confirm where you’d like to receive your replacement card and we’ll send it to you. 

If you don’t see that message, don’t worry. This is probably because your card still has some validity time ahead, when the time is right you’ll have the option to confirm your address.

Once your card arrives, you will have to activate it before you can begin using it. Don’t forget to destroy your old card and dispose of it according to your local recycling guidelines.

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