Why can’t I get a loan?

Applies to Germany and France

  • When applying for N26 Credit, we ask about your personal and financial situation during our assessment. If N26 isn’t your main account, you’ll need to securely log into your online bank account at another bank to continue with the application.
  • For second bank accounts, we only accept banks from the country where you’re applying from (for example, French customers can only add a French bank account and German customers can only add a German bank account).
  • We’ll also look at your current SCHUFA credit score. This search will appear on your SCHUFA report but is only visible to you and won't negatively impact your score. However, your score isn’t the only factor: we also require information about your monthly income, excluding any payments from public authorities (such as unemployment or child benefits).
  • Once you’ve sent an application to us, you’re unable to change your answers for 90 days (even if your creditworthiness improves). You’ll have to wait until then to apply for another loan.
  • The decision is then calculated through an automated process. We cannot perform manual checks.

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