How to use Bizum with N26?

Bizum is a payment platform integrated into the N26 app that connects your phone number with your bank account. It allows you to send and receive money instantly between customers of different banks, using only the recipient's phone number.

With Bizum you can also request money from someone, sending notifications to the sender. Once your request is accepted, you'll receive the money immediately.

Requirements to use Bizum with your N26 account:

How to activate Bizum on N26?

Super easy! Go to the Home app screen and click on Send money, then click on Get started. You'll have to confirm your phone number and then you'll have completed the registration.

What to do if it is not possible to complete the registration in Bizum because the phone number is already in use in another account?

This can happen for various reasons, we recommend:

  • Check that your phone number is up to date on N26.
  • Keep in mind that, so far, it is only possible to have Bizum linked only to one bank account. Therefore, if you are already using it on another account, you will have to unlink it from there or follow the Portability steps explained below to use Bizum on N26.
  • If your situation is not one of the two mentioned above, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service from the app for further assistance.

Portability: How to bring your Bizum account to N26 from another bank?

During the activation of Bizum in N26, after entering your personal data, the app will identify if you are already registered in Bizum with another Bank. To activate it on N26, you will have to enter a code that we will send you by text message.

How does Bizum work?

Go to the Home screen and click on Send money or Receive money, depending on what you want to do; enter your friend’s phone number and the amount. The money you send will arrive instantly, and the requested money will enter your account as soon as the notification is accepted.

How can I set up and pay for my subscriptions with Bizum?

Now you can pay for your subscriptions directly from Bizum and manage all your payments within your N26 app. 

After setting up your subscription on the merchant’s site via Bizum and entering your phone number, you’ll receive a push notification from us on your paired device. 

  • Open the notification
  • Review the subscription’s details and either Authorize or Reject it
  • If you authorize it, you’ll have to enter your Confirmation PIN 

To see your Bizum subscriptions in the app: 

  • Tap on your initials from the Home tab
  • Go to Bizum Settings > Bizum Subscriptions

There, by selecting one or more active subscriptions, you’ll have the option to revoke them


You can receive a maximum of 60 transfers by Bizum per month and make as many shipments as they want.

How much money can be sent through Bizum?

Bizum's limits are as follows:

  • The amount of each transaction can be from €0.50 to €500.
  • You can send or receive up to a maximum of €2,000 per day
  • You can send a maximum of €5,000 and receive a maximum of €60,000 per month.

How to deactivate Bizum on N26?

You have to go to the My account section of the N26 app, then click on Bizum Settings, and finally on De-activate. You'll need the confirmation PIN to complete this procedure.

What to do if I change my phone number?

You'll first need to update your phone number from the N26 app. 

Then, if you have already completed the registration in Bizum, then you'll have to deactivate it as mentioned above and register again. In this way, the system will update your phone number in Bizum as well.