Why do I need to send additional documents?

Once you have started the verification process to open your N26 Bank Account and you receive an email from us requesting additional information to continue with your sign-up, please read the information below to help you with your application.

N26 is a regulated bank, and in certain scenarios we may need additional pieces of information from our customers to continue with your sign-up. This is a standard request that aligns with legal and regulatory requirements. We will need you to provide us with specific documents in-order to open bank account.

We appreciate that this information is very personal to you and the information you send us will remain strictly confidential and only be used to fulfil our legal obligations.

I have a German IBAN (DE) - What documentation do I need to send?

Customers with a German IBAN (which begins with the letters DE) need to send the following information and documents:

  1.  Proof of address, such as but not limited to your:
    • Registration certificate, or
    • Gas, water, or electricity bill from the last 90 days
  2. Proof of income, such as but not limited to your:
    • Employment contract, or
    • Payslips, or
    • Statement of assets and income (e.g.rental incomes, donations)
  3. Additionally, please provide information regarding the expected transaction volumes on the account per year (expected incoming and expected outgoing amounts) and the expected countries from/to which these transactions will be executed. A rough estimation is sufficient.
  4.  Proof of your residency, such as your:
    • Visa documentation, or
    • Proof of study, or
    • Proof of refugee status, or
    • Proof of family reconciliation
  5. Source of funds, such as but not limited to:
    • Contracts (e.g. purchase and sale agreements)
    • Information regarding asset sales or capital gains 
    • Information regarding inheritance or other sources of income 

I have a Spanish IBAN (ES) - What documentation do I need to send?

Customers with a Spanish IBAN (which begins with the letters ES) need to send the following information and documents:

  1. Proof of income Any document that proves your main source of income:
    • If you work as an employee: employment contract, payslips, tax certificate
    • If you offer services as a freelancer, sole trader, or receive income from running your own business: invoices of services provided, tax certificates or tax returns, professional activity registration, dividends certificate
    • If you receive funds from the government: any official document attesting government income, such as a pension certificate, scholarship letter, unemployment certificate, or public subsidies statement
    • If you generate income from real estate: the sale or rental contract of a property, contracts for rental income, invoices from tourism apartments
    • Evidence of other fund streams: investment returns, stock investment portfolio, life insurance policies, certificate of virtual assets, or loan agreements
  2. Source of funds: A document that proves the main source of funds coming into your N26 account, if additional to or different from your income.
  3. Expected incoming funds: Information about the anticipated amount of income from the above sources, and the countries from which you receive the funds.
  4. Source of wealth: If you have it, please also provide info about wealth from specific gains or long-term assets.
    1. Specific gains: purchase and sale agreements of real estate property, crypto assets, gambling or lottery winnings, inheritance, donations, capital gains, insurance repayment
    2. Long-term assets: shareholdings, investment proceedings, stock shares, savings products, deeds of ownership

I have a French IBAN (FR) - What documentation do I need to send?

Customers with a French IBAN (which begins with the letters FR) need to send the following information and documents:

  1. Proof of income Please provide at least one of the following, depending on your main source of income.
    1. Salary or own business:
      1. Payslips (Bulletin de salaire) from the last three months, or 
      2. Last year's income tax statement (Avis d’imposition)
    2. Stock trading: Portfolio statement (relevé de portefeuille), or in case of company investments, distribution agreements, sale of shared or dividend resolutions, and proof of payment.
    3. Crypto trading: Portfolio statement (relevé de portefeuille).
    4. Family support: A signed attestation from the family member providing support (which should mention the amount or amount range, and include their valid ID document), and a statement from their bank account if relevant, or in case of donation, a notary act or private deed (acte sous seing privé).
    5. Inheritance: A notary act or certificate of inheritance when inheritance is less than €5,000 (certificat d’hérédité).
    6. Personal savings: For life insurance and similar, a contract and account statement where insurance proceeds are received, or in case of real estate sale, a notary act.
    7. Pension: Proof of retirement income (not older than three months) from the retirement organisation (caisse de retraite).
    8. Public subsidies: Unemployment benefits letter (allocations Pôle Emploi) less than three months old, or proof of public subsidies less than three months old e.g. confirmation of transfers from family allocation organisation (CAF - attestation de paiement).
    9. Rental income:
      1. A rental contract and proof of payment.
      2. If you are a student and aren't able to provide a proof of income, please provide your school certificate or student card.
  2. Please indicate the source of any additional income
  3. Please provide us with any document proof of wealth ( statements of account of savings products or financial investments, deeds of ownership, deeds of notoriety in the context of an inheritance, shares in civil or commercial companies, etc
  4. Please provide us with information on origin and amount of wealth (for example savings accounts, real estate, securities, bonds, etc.)
  5. Depending on your situation, please provide:
    1. Any information about your professional situation that would qualify you as a politically exposed person in respect of your functions.
    2. Any information about your family relationship with a politically exposed person.
    3. Any information about a relationship other than a family one with a politically exposed person.

Frequently asked questions

How do I send you this information?

Please send the required information as a direct reply to the message you received from us in your in-app inbox "Messages from N26". In case you prefer to send the information via post, you'll find the necessary instructions there as well.

What happens if I don’t provide these documents?

If we don't receive these documents from you by the date stated in our communication, you won’t be able to continue using your N26 account any longer. This will be the last possible day to provide us with the documentation.

How can I send the requested documents?

N26 will ask you to provide these additional documents by sending a message to your inbox in your N26 app, if you are already a N26 customer, or by sending you an email if you are in the process of opening a N26 account. All you have to do is reply to this message and attach the documents. Please check the list above to see which documents are required, depending on your personal situation.

Will my information stay secure?

Yes, of course. We understand that this is very personal information. To protect your data, any messages related to your personal information are always sent to ‘Messages from N26’ in your N26 app. We’ll never send you links in SMS, or call you to ask about your personal details.