Do I have to declare my N26 account in Spain?

 The Agencia Tributaria offers assistance to those who need to declare their taxes and assets in a foreign country.  

 In regards to your N26 account, this will depend on the type of IBAN you have: 

  1. If you have a Spanish IBAN (starting with ES), your account is Spanish and you don’t need to declare it.
  2. If you have a German IBAN (starting with DE), your account and money is situated in Germany. In this case you would be obligated to declare it, following specific legal requirements.

 To know if one of the above scenarios applies to your N26 account, I’d recommend that you inquire with a professional in regards to this matter as we’re not eligible to give tax advice. 

 Read more information about this in the official website of the Agencia Tributaria (new tab).