Bank information—your N26 account ownership certificate

What is a bank account ownership certificate?

A bank account ownership certificate, also known as a bank account certificate or account confirmation, is a certificate confirming that your bank account is registered in your name, along with relevant bank information. It includes your first and last name, date of birth, the IBAN of your account, and the date you opened it.

Your certificate may also include your current account balance and the card numbers of your active cards, if you choose. For security reasons, these will be partially hidden with asterisks.

How do I request a bank account ownership certificate?

  • To request the bank account ownership certificate including your account balance and card number, click on the download (new tab) icon*. Then, under Account Confirmation, select whether you want to include your current balance and/or the card numbers of your active cards and click Request. The PDF will appear in the Messages from N26 (new tab) section of your app within 24 hours.