Why was I charged a Gambling Fee?

The Gambling Fee to the amount of 3% applies to all private customers who registered for an account after March 12, 2020, or who have a Business membership plan (regardless of the date on which said plan took effect).

Customers with such a membership plan are charged the Gambling Fee when making use of the services of the following gambling providers:

  • Lotteries
  • Sports betting
  • Online casinos
  • Horse racing
  • Other gambling activities

Please note that this includes both incoming and outgoing applicable Mastercard transactions. The 3% Gambling Fee is charged after the applicable transaction is processed. For example: if you win or convert your remaining chips back to money, the merchant will send the balance in another transaction where the 3% Gambling Fee will be charged again.

Good to know:

  • The 3% Gambling Fee appears on your transaction list and balance statement, linked to the original and any subsequent transaction from the gambling merchant.
  • The fee we have charged is related to Mastercard transactions you’ve processed at certain relevant merchants (no matter which country you place the bet) and can’t be refunded

Some of our customers will not have to pay the Gambling Fee, as a result of the ruling of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany (BGH XI ZR 26/20).