How to make N26 my main account?

N26 offers you a series of services and benefits designed specifically for our customers in Italy. If you decide to use your N26 account as your main account to receive your salary and carry out your daily banking operations, simply provide your bank details to your employer.

What services does N26 offer?

As soon as you have opened your account, you can immediately start depositing and withdrawing cash with CASH26 (new tab) from over 1000 partner points of sale throughout Italy. Just open the N26 app, find the nearest CASH26 store on the map, create a barcode and show it to the person at the checkout.

You’ll be able to top up your account by bank transfer, even instantaneous, from another current account, or by debit, credit or prepaid card or by crediting your salary.

With your N26 account you will also have the possibility to set direct debits for your subscriptions for free, from the gym to streaming services, to debit your utilities (water, electricity, gas, telephony) and pay postal bills, PagoPA, MAV / RAV, car tax and make phone top-ups directly from your mobile app. Click here (new tab) to find out more.

With your N26 Premium Mastercard you can also withdraw cash for free and without limits from all ATMs in Europe (up to 3 free withdrawals per month in Europe with N26 Standard).

What other benefits does N26 offer?

From your N26 app, available for iOS and Android, you can make SEPA transfers for free and receive or make instant SEPA transfers, free of charge if you have an N26 premium account (N26 Smart, N26 You or N26 Metal) and for € 0.99 if you have a N26 Standard account. In addition, you can set up standing orders for free both in the SEPA area and in foreign currencies and receive or make international transfers (SWIFT).

Also remember that by opening your N26 account, you can immediately start using the Mastercard card associated with it and connect it to Apple or Google Pay. With N26 Standard you will immediately have a free virtual Mastercard that you can use for your online purchases and contactless payments. The additional physical card can be requested at any time without any monthly fee.

With an N26 Premium account, you will also be able to create separate Spaces (new tab) from your main account to set aside money and share (new tab) it with other N26 customers to manage joint expenses.

What to do if my IBAN is not accepted?

We remind you that the IBAN of your N26 account, according to the European law of 1 February 2016, Article 9 of EU Regulation 260/2012 (new tab), must be accepted by every member state of the European Economic Area. If your employer or a merchant refuses to accept your IBAN, click here (new tab) for more information on how to report the incident.