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MoneyBeam transactions

This article explains how you can easily exchange money with your contacts, and in real-time with other N26 customers.

Your N26 account details

This article explains where you can find your N26 current account details, and how you can share them.

Access to N26 partner products

This article explains why some N26 partner products may be unavailable to you, based on your verification details or tax status.

N26 Invest Partner

This article contains information about the parties behind N26 Invest, our investment product, as well as details on the services each party provides.

SEPA direct debit rejection

This article explains what happens if a direct debit is rejected due to insufficient funds, and how you can avoid fees for rejected direct debits.

About the N26 IBAN

This article provides you with insights about the N26 IBAN and the acceptance of your IBAN.

N26 Overdraft

This article provides information on the prerequesites as well as the terms for an overdraft.

N26 transaction limits

This article gives an overview of all transaction limits associated with your N26 account.

About N26 Business BETA

Learn more about N26 Business BETA, a new account type for our self-employed and freelance users.

About N26 Black

Learn more about N26 Black, a membership account that gives you access to exclusive benefits and comes with our most modern Mastercard yet.

About N26 Account Switching Services

This article explains how to switch your (main) bank account to N26 Bank and how to notify your payment partners about your new bank account details.