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How do I reorder a card?

If your card is lost, stolen, broken, or if there was a problem with the delivery of your first card, you can reorder a new one.

First, check your shipping address in the app: select My Account then Settings and Personal Settings. By tapping Shipping address, you can view and update your shipping address (you can change everything except the shipping country), then:

If you’ve activated a card already. Reorder a card in the app by tapping My Account then Card Settings. Swipe until you see the card you want to order and tap Reorder.
If you’ve never had an active card. You’ll need to contact us via chat so we can order a card for you.


  • Your first card is free. After that, it’s €6 for most replacement cards (N26 Metal replacements are €45).
  • It's €25 for express delivery of all cards (this price includes the €6 for replacement cards, excluding Metal cards).
  • Deliveries for N26 Black or N26 Metal upgrades are free. And in case your first or upgrade card gets lost on its way to you, we’ll also delivery you a new card for free.

Once your new card arrives, you’ll need to activate it in the app.

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Still need help? Chat with us!

Open a chat in the Help section of the app or by logging into the WebApp.