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About incoming SEPA credit transfers

Learn about the requirements for incoming SEPA credit transfers, and potential reasons why incoming transfers may be delayed or fail.

Applicable to:

  • All regions

Requirements for incoming SEPA transfers

In order to receive an incoming SEPA transfer, such as your salary, on your N26 account, it is important that you provide your full and correct account details to your payment partner (your employer for example). These details must include:

  • Your real and correct name, as stated on the ID document you provided when you opened your N26 account. Don’t use your maiden name, don't just use either your first or last name, and don't use a nickname.
  • Your correct IBAN, as stated in your N26 app, your account statements and on the back of your N26 Mastercard.
  • Correct reference text that accurately states the purpose of the SEPA transfer.

The easiest way to share your account details with your payment partners is to log into the N26 app and go to Control Center. You will find your account details at the top. Press the sharing icon next to them in order to copy to the clipboard, or to forward via email or message.

If you expect an incoming SEPA transfer and are in doubt whether it should have been credited to your account by now, please check the transaction timeframes.

Incoming SEPA transfers with incorrect details

It is important that your payment partner uses your correct account details, since banks are required by law to review the correctness of this information. If the account holder name and the name stated in the SEPA transfer order don’t match, or an incorrect IBAN or inaccurate reference text is used, banks are obligated to reject the transaction or ask you about the economic background. This can result in the incoming SEPA transfer to be delayed or to fail.

Special considerations for N26 Business BETA users

As stated in the Terms and Conditions for the N26 Business BETA account, you can use your account for business transactions in your own name only. This means that the product can be used by freelancers and other persons who do business as a natural person. Other legal entities, such as limited companies or corporations, are not entitled to use the N26 Business BETA account. Therefore, incoming SEPA transfers must have the name of the account holder in the name field, or they will be rejected.

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