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Transfers: How you make sure to receive a credit transfer via SEPA

SEPA transfers need to be addressed correctly.

True in all regions.

If someone wants to send you money via SEPA transfer, they need your complete and correct account details: your name, a reference text if applicable, and your IBAN.

You can find your IBAN in your account statements or on the back side of your N26 Mastercard – or you can easily share it directly from the N26 app’s Control Center ⚙ via email or text.

Learn more about SEPA timeframes here.

If there is a mismatch between the account details used and the account holder’s details, every bank has to check the credit and may have to decline it – which means that the credit may be delayed or not happen at all.

By the way: This is also true if a company name is used for a transfer to an N26 Business account. This account type is for natural persons doing business in their own name, but not for companies or associations.

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