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About N26 Insurance

Learn more about N26 Insurance, your new digital insurance wallet at N26.

Applicable to:

  • Germany

About N26 Insurance

With N26 Insurance, we’re offering you a comprehensive digital insurance solution to help you get rid of all the paperwork you might have had in the past. Now you can access all the key terms of your policies from a central dashboard in your N26 app. We’re working together with Clark Germany GmbH to make this possible. Clark is one of the leading Insurtech companies in Germany and is a registered insurance broker according to §34d Commercial Code.

Managing insurance policies in your digital wallet

Once you log into your N26 app, swipe to Insurance to get started.

  • Click on “Digitize your insurance” or the plus icon to start adding your insurance policies.
  • Right after the intro screens, select the category of the insurance you would like to add: just choose one like legal, accident, household or automotive insurance, or search for a category.
  • To add an insurance policy, just tell us which provider you have.
  • In a next step, you’ll see your choice; if you added one by mistake, you can just delete the entry.
  • If you want to add more insurance policies, you can add up to 10 policies at once in this step; otherwise click the button to continue with the next step.
  • Make it official! Please agree to the N26 and Clark Insurance terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the initial information after carefully reading through the documents.
  • Seal the deal! In a last step we need you to sign and confirm the broker mandate. Just turn your smartphone to landscape mode to sign. PLEASE NOTE: Once you confirm the broke mandate with your digital signature, it means that the broker mandate is transferred, and Clark will be your insurance broker from now on. Read on here to fully be aware of what this means exactly.
  • That’s it! You will return to your insurance dashboard.

Our partner Clark will get in touch with your insurance provider to request all necessary documents. You can see the progress for each insurance policy you added. Once we receive all your documents, you can access your insurance details simply by clicking on the policy in your dashboard.

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker acts as an intermediary between yourself and your insurers to make sure you get the insurance policies that best fit your needs. An independent broker is not tied to any insurance company, which means you’ll always get objective advice.

At N26, we’ve integrated an insurance service by partnering with Clark. We’re providing the whole interface, while Clark provides the services in the background. This enables us to give you full control of your insurance policies in a transparent and easy way.

Will my insurance agent change?

If you already have agents, and each agent is only responsible for your insurance at one insurance company, they will stay responsible for you. However, if you already have an independent insurance broker who takes care of all your insurance policies at different companies, their broker mandate will be transferred to our partner Clark.

How to file a claim?

N26 Insurance offers you the possibility to file an insurance claim. To initiate a claim, just click on “File a claim” in your in-app Insurance dashboard. In a next step, you’ll see the contact details of our partner Clark and contact details of your Insurer. You can directly reach out to them via email or phone to get assistance.

I have questions about the feature or existing insurance policies

Whenever you have questions, we’ll always show you the proper contact information in the app. If you have questions about existing policies you recently added or you want to file a claim, feel free to get in touch with our partner Clark who will be able to offer you comprehensive service. You can call them from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00 at +49 69 153 229 339.

In case you have any questions about the feature itself and how it works in the app, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service. At the bottom of this article, we’ll show you the best channels to get in touch.

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