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N26 Insurance: How to manage your insurance via N26

(Applies to Germany only)

With N26 Insurance, we provide a central dashboard for your insurance and insurance policies. For this, we work with our partner Clark Germany GmbH, one of the leading digital insurance brokers in Germany, which also becomes your insurance broker via N26 Insurance.

Once you've logged in to your N26 app, swipe across the screen to "Insurance":

  • Click on "Digitise your insurance" or on the "+"
  • After the short introduction, select the first insurance policy you would like to add.
  • Enter your insurer.
  • Look at your selection again, and if necessary, delete the entry or re-enter it.
  • Once you have created up to 10 insurance policies, click on "next"
  • Read and accept the N26 Insurance terms and conditions of Clark and N26, the data protection declaration and pre-contractual information.
  • Confirm the broker mandate using your electronic signature.

From this point on, Clark is your insurance broker. If you already use an independent insurance broker, their broker mandate will be transferred to Clark. You can read about the exact impact on your insurance policies here.

Clark will contact your insurance companies and request all the necessary information and policies. Once we have received all the documents from our partner, you will be able to view them in your dashboard and also report any insurance claim directly from the dashboard.

If you have any questions about your existing insurance policies, you can contact your insurance broker Clark. You can reach them from Monday to Friday from 9 am - 6 pm by phone on +49 69 153 229 339.

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