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How does N26 Insurance work?

ℹ️ Applies to Germany

N26 Insurance offers the ability to digitize your insurance and have all your existing insurance policies in one place.

How it works: our partner Clark Germany GmbH becomes your insurance broker. They’ll do the work of contacting your current insurance companies and asking for all the necessary information about your policies. Mandates from previous brokers will also be transferred for you. From then on you can easily report any claims directly in the app. To begin the process, log into your mobile app:

  • Swipe right until you reach the Insurance tab
  • Tap on Digitize your insurance or +
  • Choose the first policy you’d like to add and provide information about your insurer
  • Finalize your entry (you can delete the entry or re-enter it at this stage)
  • Once you have created up to 10 insurance policies tap Next
  • Read and accept the T&Cs
  • Confirm the broker mandate with your electronic signature

Once you’re done, you can direct any insurance questions to Clark at +49 69 153 229 339, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

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