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What can I do if my N26 IBAN is not accepted?

ℹ️ Applies to all regions except the UK

Your IBAN includes the DE country code (all of our IBANS begin with DE regardless of the country you sign up in), a two-digit check number, the eight-digit bank sort code, and your ten-digit account number. For example: DE XX 10011001 26XXXXXXXX.

The participating countries of the SEPA area (Single Euro Payments Area) have agreed on the IBAN system in order to simplify national and international payments, and to reduce the risk of error in the communication and processing of transactions.

Merchants or employers who do not accept IBANs from other member states of the European Economic Area are violating European law as of 1 February 2016 (Article 9 of Regulation No 260/2012).

If you are ever affected by IBAN discrimination, please contact your competent national authority directly and notify them. Provide your contact details, the name of the merchant or company that didn’t accept your IBAN, as well as a brief description of the incident (including a screenshot of the rejection or other documentation of your communication with them).

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