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About N26 Credit

Learn how you can apply for a personal loan offer directly in the N26 app to increase your financial flexibility.

Applicable to:

  • Germany
  • France

What is N26 Credit?

With N26 Credit, you can request an offer for a personal loan at any time, directly in the N26 app. Depending on your country of residence, you can request amounts ranging from 1.000 € to up to 40.000 €, with repayment options over the course of 12 to 84 months.

N26 Credit partners

In order to make you the best possible loan offers, we’re working together with partnered credit specialists. In Germany you can get offers directly from N26 Bank GmbH or from auxmoney. It depends on your personal loan request which provider can make you an offer. In France we’re partnered with Younited Credit.

Please note that the loan amounts as well as repayment options for each provider differ. You can see the relevant ranges directly in your N26 app when requesting a loan.

Requesting a loan offer

In the N26 app, swipe your transactions list to the right to find N26 Credit. From here, you can start creating your loan request. First, let us know how much money you want to borrow, and what it is intended for. Then, continue by answering a couple of questions about your personal and financial situation.

N26 evaluates your loan request based on this questionnaire, as well as a few additional factors, such as your Schufa score (if you’re residing in Germany), your monthly income and other financial history. If N26 has been your salary account for more than 3 months, we have everything we need. Otherwise, you will be prompted to securely log into your main account at a different bank so that we can access your financial history. Learn more about the credit checks we perform for N26 Credit here.

Based on this information, we will identify a suitable plan for you. You can return to this plan at any time during your loan application, modify the details and set your repayment preference (1st or 15th of the month).

Once you are happy with your loan request, you can submit it for instant review.

Reviewing your credit result

Once you submit your loan request, we calculate your credit result: The amount of the loan, repayment duration, and interest rate. As soon as you have received your credit result, you can review the plan and its details, as well as the contractual documents, directly in the app. After you have reviewed the proposed plan, you can decide whether you want to accept or delete the offer.

Accepting your N26 Credit plan

If you decide to accept the proposed credit plan, you can electronically sign the credit agreement. We will connect you to our verification partner IDnow, where a verification professional will verify the front and back of your accepted ID. You can then electronically sign the credit agreement directly on the screen of your smartphone. For loan requests in France you can directly electronically sign the credit agreement, no additional video call is required.

Once the agreement is signed, the loan amount will be paid out directly to your N26 account You will receive a push notification once your account has been credited.

Modifying your N26 Credit plan after payout

If you have questions about your monthly repayments, your early repayment options, or any other aspect of your loan agreement, please give us a call so that we can discuss your individual circumstances. For detailed information about your loan agreement, please see the N26 Credit terms and conditions and your pre-contractual information.

Costs of an N26 Credit loan

Depending on your individual N26 Credit plan, we can offer you effective interest rates ranging from 1.99 % - 19 % p.a. Aside from the interest, you’ll be charged a one-time fee which is directly deducted from the amount paid out. fees. If you wish to modify your N26 Credit plan, or your monthly payments are in arrears, additional fees may apply as per the N26 Credit terms and conditions.

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