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N26 Black: How to cancel your membership

(Applies to Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Estonia and Slovakia only)

The N26 Black membership contract has a minimum term of one year. If you do not cancel your membership at least one month before the end of this period, it will automatically be renewed for another year.

If you want to cancel your N26 Black membership at the earliest after one year, go into the Control Centre in the N26 app:

  • Select "N26 Black".
  • Select "Cancel N26 Black" - here you can also see the current expiry date of your membership.
  • Confirm the cancellation of your membership from the push message received.

You can continue to use your N26 Black Mastercard fully until your membership expires. Your N26 Black insurance coverage will also remain in effect for as long as you are still required to pay your membership fee. For the period after this, your N26 Black Mastercard will work like a standard card without insurance coverage.

For further information, see the general terms and conditions of Allianz Global Assistance Europe*, the general terms and conditions of your N26 Black membership and the full terms and conditions for cancelling N26 Black.

If you also want to close your N26 current account, you can find more information here.

*Allianz Global Assistance Europe trade name of AWP P&C S.A. - Dutch branch, and member of the Allianz Group.

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