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How can I cancel my N26 Black or N26 Metal membership?

ℹ️ Excludes Greece, Slovenia, and the UK

N26 Black or N26 Metal contracts have a minimum term of one year. This contract automatically renews for another year unless you cancel it. You have up to 4 weeks before your membership expires to cancel the renewal.

To cancel the renewal of your N26 Black or N26 Metal membership, log into the mobile app:

  • Go to My Account
  • Select N26 Black or or N26 Metal
  • Tap Cancel N26 Black or Cancel N26 Metal (you can also see your membership expiration date here)
  • Confirm the cancellation via the push message we send you

You can continue to use your N26 Black or N26 Metal Mastercard fully until your membership expires. That means you’ll keep your insurance coverage as long as you’re still required to pay your membership fee. After that, your Mastercard will work like a standard card without the benefits. We’ll send you a standard card before your contract ends. No need to contact us about it.

If you want to close your account before your contract ends (and it’s after the 14-day revocation period), we’ll debit all remaining monthly fees right away so make sure you have enough in your account to cover them. If you choose this option, you’ll lose all N26 Black or N26 Metal benefits, such as your insurance coverage.

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