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About N26 Black

Learn more about N26 Black, a membership account that gives you access to exclusive benefits and comes with our most modern Mastercard yet.

Applicable to:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Portugal
  • Finland
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Estonia
  • Slovakia

N26 Black membership benefits

The N26 Black membership gives N26 Bank customers access to all the benefits of the core N26 bank account. In addition, for a fee of € 5,90 per month, N26 Black offers the following benefits:

  • Our most modern Mastercard yet, with NFC and a signature black matte design
  • Comprehensive travel and consumer specialty insurance package designed to enhance your N26 bank account

The N26 Black membership contract carries a minimum duration of 1 year. Please note that you need the N26 app 3.0 or newer installed on your iPhone or Android device in order to use N26 Black.

The N26 Black Mastercard

The N26 Black Mastercard includes all the features that you already know from your other N26 cards, such as NFC payments and real-time security features. It also features a new signature matte black design that is simple and elegant.

For the first time, we offer a Mastercard without the details embossed on the front, making the design even more elegant and giving you more discretion. Instead, your card details are printed on the back of the N26 Black Mastercard, including your card number, CVV code and 10 digit card ID.

The N26 Black insurance package

The N26 Black insurance package is provided by Allianz Global Assistance Europe* and covers a wide range of incidents in your personal and financial life. Find the full terms and conditions and benefits here. Coverage includes:

  • Travel protection – Reimbursement for medical expenses abroad and for travel cancellation costs in case of medical emergency, for expenses incurred during a flight delay longer than 4 hours, for expenses incurred if your checked luggage arrives 6 hours later than you at your destination abroad, and for repatriation transportation costs from abroad.
  • Extended warranty – Extended warranty of up to one additional year for qualified purchases.
  • ATM cash protection – Reimbursement of stolen cash if you get mugged up to 4 hours after withdrawing using your N26 Black card at home or abroad.
  • Mobile phone theft – Reimbursement in case of theft for your mobile phone at home or abroad.

Learn more about submitting insurance claims here.

N26 Black membership duration and fees

The minimum duration of your N26 Black membership is 1 year. The membership is automatically renewed for an additional year unless you cancel your N26 Black membership at least one month before the end of the subscription period.

If you are an existing customer and upgrade to N26 Black, the monthly membership fee of 5,90 € per month is deducted directly from your N26 account, based on the date when you activated your N26 Black Mastercard, for instance if you activated your card on January 5 we will go on charging you on the 5th of each following month. If you are a new customer, the first charge is delayed by 10 days after completing your identity verification to give you a chance to top up your N26 bank account before the charge is deducted. From the second charge onwards, you will also be charged based on the activation date of your card.

In addition to the N26 Black membership fees, additional fees for ATM withdrawals for users based in Germany may apply in accordance with our Fair Use Policy.

*Allianz Global Assistance Europe trade name of AWP P&C S.A. - Dutch branch, and member of the Allianz Group.

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