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N26 Business BETA: What we offer self-employed people and freelancers

The N26 BusinessBETA account is designed specifically for self-employed and freelance users - not for companies or other legal entities. With this account, you can manage both your business and your personal expenses under your name in a single place.

If you want to try out the account while it is still in the development phase (BETA phase), just click on the button "Open current account" in the top right corner or start opening an account in the N26 mobile app. However, please note that it is not yet possible to switch from the standard N26 Mastercard.

With the N26 BusinessBETA account you can receive payments from your customers, pay business travel expenses and material costs and pay the rent. You also have access to all the features and benefits of the N26 account - with one exception: transfers in foreign currencies are not possible with the N26 BusinessBETA account.

The N26 Business Mastercard is designed for business use only, but with the same features as the standard N26 Mastercard. In addition, users receive 0.1% cash back on a quarterly basis on all payments made using the N26 Business Mastercard.

If you also need a card for private expenses, we recommend a Maestro card(available in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands).

Opening an N26 BusinessBETA account is free. As with the N26 account, we will cover the fees for cash withdrawals as part of our Fair Use Policy and pass on any applicable fees to our partners.

We are adding more features to the N26 BusinessBETA account during the development phase and we would appreciate your feedback!

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