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About N26 Business BETA

Learn more about N26 Business BETA, a new account type for our self-employed and freelance users.

Applicable to:

  • All regions

Is N26 BusinessBETA for me?

N26 BusinessBETA is a new product that is designed for self-employed and freelance users that do business in their own name. It is not intended for companies or other legal entities. With an N26 BusinessBETA account, you can:

  • Comfortably handle your business as well as your personal expenses, all in one place
  • Enjoy a quarterly cash-back bonus of 0.1 % on all spending with your N26 Business Mastercard

This is our first product designed for business use, and it is still in beta. We will be adding more features to the N26 BusinessBETA account in the future, and we are happy to hear your feedback!

How to sign up for N26 BusinessBETA

You can simply click on "open your account" at the top right corner or start the signup process by using the N26 mobile app. You will be asked whether you want to open a business account or private account. Go for business and you’re all set. For now, N26 Business BETA is only offered to new customers. We also plan to allow existing N26 users that have initially chosen the standard N26 Mastercard to switch to N26 BusinessBETA at a later stage.

The N26 Business Mastercard

The N26 Business Mastercard comes with the same features and acceptance as the standard N26 Mastercard. In addition, users enjoy a quarterly cash-back of 0.1 % on all spending with their N26 Business Mastercard.

The N26 Business Mastercard is exclusively designed for business use, so private expenses are not allowed. If you need an additional card for private expenses, we recommend that you order a Maestro card (available to users in Germany, Austria and Netherlands).

The N26 BusinessBETA account

The N26 BusinessBETA account is primarily designed for business use, but private expenses are also admissible, as long as the account is predominantly used for business purposes. For example, you can use your N26 BusinessBETA account to:

  • Receive payments from your clients
  • Pay business related expenses, such as travel and material expenses
  • Pay personal expenses, such as rent

In addition, users of the N26 BusinessBETA account enjoy all the features and benefits of the N26 account, such as banking and card settings in real-time, automatic transaction categorization, and cash transactions with CASH26. Also, you can start an N26 Invest plan, as long as you use your private assets for this feature. Please note that sending foreign currency transfers is not possible with the N26 BusinessBETA account.


Opening the N26 BusinessBETA account is free of charge. The Fair Use Policy and fees for partner products still apply.

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