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Do I pay fees and taxes with N26 Invest?

ℹ️ Applies to Germany

N26 Invest doesn’t charge any performance, transaction, or redemption fees. Your N26 Invest plan will incur a few other fees:

Monthly fee. Charged on a quarterly basis and paid directly from the balance in your investment plan. Depending on the size of your total deposits, you’ll either be charged a fixed fee or a percentage fee:

Average total amount of investment N26 Invest service fee (annually as a % of the total deposits; minimum fee of €1,90)*
€0 to €29,999 0.99% *
€30,000 to €49,999 0.79% *
€50,000 and more 0.49% *

Operating costs. Paid directly out of the deposits in your investment plan. They depend on the investment strategy:

Fund strategy Operating costs
Invest 80 0.44% p.a.
Invest 60 0.40% p.a.
Invest 40 0.36% p.a.

Taxes. Investments in the capital market may result in capital gains or income from dividends on individual funds. Income that is above the capital gains tax allowance is taxable in Germany. Investments are also subject to the solidarity surcharge and the church tax.

You’re taxable in Germany. We’ll automatically deduct all applicable taxes from your total deposits so your potential returns always show the net amount after tax.
You’re not taxable in Germany. You’ll receive the gross amount of your income. Then it’s up to you to file your capital gains tax in the country where you pay tax.

In either case, we’ll automatically generate an annual tax certificate for you in February. You can find it directly in the app under Savings & Investment. You can also find exemption orders and loss certificates for your tax return there.

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