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N26 Flex account: Services we offer to all our customers

(Applies to Germany only)

If you do not have a high enough credit rating to open an N26 bank account, we will offer you an N26 Flex account:

  • Mastercard and Maestro card
  • Transfers within the SEPA area with confirmation directly in your app
  • Send money to your contacts via text message or email (MoneyBeam)
  • Cash withdrawals worldwide at any Mastercard ATM
  • Cash withdrawals or deposits at 7,000 retail partners in Germany (CASH26)
  • Intelligent statistics, push messages in real time and security settings directly in the app
  • All partner functions in the fintech hub

For the Flex account, we charge a monthly account management fee of 6 euros, which we debit directly from the account. The first fee is debited 10 days after the account is opened and thereafter at monthly intervals from the date the account was opened. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover these payments.

Cash withdrawals at an ATM or from one of our 7,000 retail partners in the CASH26 network cost 2 euros each, which is debited immediately.

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