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Fair Use Policy: How often you can withdraw money for free

(Applies if the original delivery address is in Germany only)

In Germany, a transaction fee of up to 2 euros is charged per cash withdrawal. If you had a delivery address in Germany when you opened your account and your N26 account is your main account, we will cover these costs up to 5 times a month in accordance with our Fair Use Policy. In addition, you can withdraw free and unlimited cash from 6,000 shops belonging to the CASH26 network.

Your N26 account is your main account if you regularly receive your salary, pension, student loan or social security benefits, amounting to at least 1,000 euros per month, into your N26 account. For users under the age of 26, we will also cover these charges for up to 5 withdrawals per month regardless of your income.

If you use N26 as your secondary account, you can withdraw cash at German ATMs free of charge up to 3 times a month. In addition, each new customer will receive 5 free withdrawals during the first three months.

Please note that some ATM operators charge additional fees on top of the transaction charge that we cannot influence or refund.

To limit the number of cash withdrawals, you should pay with your Mastercard whenever possible and withdraw larger amounts less frequently.

Information about our Fair Use Policy for the rest of Europe can be found here.

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