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ATM withdrawals with the N26 Fair Use Policy

This article explains the N26 Fair Use Policy for ATM withdrawals, the monthly limits for free withdrawals, and the fees you may incur when you exceed these limits.

Applicable to:

  • Users who have their original shipping address in Germany

Please note: More information about the Fair Use Policy for the rest of Europe is available here.

About the N26 Fair Use Policy

For each cash withdrawal at an ATM, N26 bears a transaction fee. While these transaction fees are relatively moderate in countries around the world, Germany is an exception, with charges as high as € 2 per withdrawal. N26 covers these fees for you, up to a certain limit.

The Fair Use Policy introduces a monthly limit to free ATM withdrawals. We chose the limits sensibly and based on feedback of our users.

Please note that some ATM operators may choose to appy an additional charge on top of the transaction fees. We have no control over these charges, so they will apply independently of the Fair Use Policy.

Does the Fair Use Policy apply to me?

Since currently ATM fees really only are a large cost factor in Germany, we chose to limit the Fair Use policy, geographically as well as user-based. The Fair Use Policy applies to:

  • Users whose original shipping address was based in Germany
  • ATM withdrawals within Germany (withdrawals in other countries don’t count towards the Fair Use limit even when you are a user based in Germany)

Monthly ATM withdrawal limit for primary account users

If the Fair Use Policy applies to you, and you use your N26 bank account as your primary account, you can withdraw cash for free at an ATM in Germany up to 5 times a month. For every additional ATM withdrawal up till the end of the month you will be charged a fee of € 2. This fee is designed to cover the costs N26 incurs for these transactions.

If you used up all your free withdrawals, but don’t want to spend on fees, you have the option to withdraw cash at any of the 6.000 retail locations in the CASH26 network. You have unlimited free withdrawals with CASH26.

Your N26 bank account is considered a main account if you fulfill any of these criteria:

  • You regularly receive your salary, pension payments, student allowance or government benefits on your N26 bank account
  • You regularly receive payments of at least € 1.000 per month on your N26 account

Those are very basic and broad criteria, but we realize that it might not be easy for students and younger users to meet these conditions. Therefore, all users under the age of 26 are automatically considered main account users and will receive the benefit of 5 free ATM withdrawals per month.

Every customer will get 5 free withdrawals in the first three months.

Monthly ATM withdrawal limits for secondary accounts

If the Fair Use Policy applies to you, and you use your N26 bank account as a secondary account, you can withdraw cash for free up to 3 times a month at an ATM in Germany. For every additional ATM withdrawal in excess of the free limit till the end of the month, you will be charged a fee of € 2. Alternatively, use CASH26 for unlimited free withdrawals.

We check your account every month to see if you have switched it to your primary account. If that is the case, you will automatically receive 5 free transactions per month.

Cutting back on ATM withdrawals

Here is some advice on how you can painlessly cut back on your ATM withdrawals:

  • Try to pay with your Mastercard as much as possible. It’s quick and easy, plus it gives you full transparency of your spending behavior in the N26 app.
  • If you’ve reached the limit of free ATM withdrawals, it’s a good time to try CASH26. You can still withdraw cash for free at any of the 6.000 retail partners in the CASH26 network.
  • Try to withdraw less frequently by withdrawing larger amounts. Put some of the cash in your wallet for spending, and keep the rest in a safe place for later.
  • Look at your transactions in the past month to see how much cash you withdrew. This gives you a good indication of how much cash you might need this month, and you can plan accordingly.
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