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Express delivery: How to receive your card quickly and securely

Track your delivery via UPS.

True in all regions.

Express delivery via UPS costs € 25. It’s worth to use if you need your card really quickly, or if delivery via normal post has failed repeatedly.

As soon as your card is handed to UPS, you receive an email with the tracking link. Your new N26 card will be delivered the following business day between 8 am and noon.

Solve some frequent problems:

  • If your card hasn’t arrived 2 business days after your order, please check the tracking link to see where your shipment is.
  • With this link, you can also provide additional details about your delivery address or redirect the shipment if UPS couldn’t deliver it on the 1st attempt.

By the way: UPS express shipping is available in every European country where N26 is available. Delivery outside of these countries is not possible at the moment.

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