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How can I close my account?

To close your account, chat with us. We'll need:

  • A statement requesting the closure of your account on a specific date or ASAP
  • Your name
  • Your N26 IBAN
  • An IBAN within SEPA to transfer your remaining balance to if your balance is positive or if you have funds in your Spaces accounts that aren't yet transferred to your main account

Or you can use our cancellation form and attach it to your email.

A few things to consider when closing your account:

  • Your account balance must be zero in order to close it. If you have a negative balance, top up your account. If you have a positive balance, please transfer your remaining balance yourself or provide an IBAN within SEPA so we can transfer it for you.
  • All outstanding fees are due immediately. This includes fees related to express delivery, and N26 Black or N26 Metal.
  • Destroy your cards by cutting them with scissors or a shredder. The chip, NFC antenna, and the magnetic strip should all be cut into pieces and disposed of separately.
  • We’re required by law to keep your personal data for 10 years after your account has been closed. You won’t be able to open another account with us until this time has passed. You can read more in our Privacy Policy.
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Still need help? Chat with us!

Open a chat in the Help section of the app or by logging into the WebApp.