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Security: When and how to block your N26 card

If you wish, you can temporarily block and later reactivate the cash withdrawal, online payment and shop purchase functions of your card. You should do this, for example, if you discover payments or foreign withdrawals made on your account, which you are unable to explain. Go to the Control Center ⚙ in your N26 app and select "Cards".

If you have authorised a payment, but are not satisfied with the retailer's services or the goods have not been delivered, please first try to reach agreement with the retailer. The debiting of a higher or lower sum does not necessarily indicate fraud. An amount due may be blocked by a retailer, if it differs from the final amount to be debited, for example in the case of a deposit or down payment.

If you are in no doubt, that your card has been wrongfully used, simply blocking it will not be sufficient. In this case, you should report the card as stolen in your app. We will immediately send you a new card.

Where you are attempting to recover losses from a fraudulent debit, our Customer Service team may be able to help.

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