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Delivery: How long your card takes to reach you

As soon as you open your N26 account and order a new card, it is immediately produced and sent out to you by post. It is therefore important, that your address is correct. In order to change your address, please go into the Control Centre of your N26 app ⚙ and select under "Account" the "Delivery address" menu option. If your address contains special characters which are not accepted, please contact the Customer Service team via the chat facility.

Please do not enter any spaces when entering the postcode for your delivery address.

Depending on the destination country, delivery will take between 4 and 14 days. If delivery fails and your card is returned to us, we will notify you.

If you have waited longer than 14 days for your card and have still not heard from us, please check once again your delivery address. Take particular care to ensure that no important information (such as the name on your letterbox, stairwell or front door) is missing.

If all the necessary data is correct, please order a new card using your N26 app.

Whilst your card is on its way to you, no-one is able to use it. You are also protected against improper use, up to the moment when you first activate it in your N26 app - only then are you required to take proper care of it.

If your card fails to arrive a second time, or if you need to use it urgently, you may wish to use our express delivery service.

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