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MoneyBeam: How to transfer money without bank details

MoneyBeam allows you to send money to your phone book contacts without knowing their bank account details. If the payee is an N26 customer, the transaction takes place in real time. In order to use MoneyBeam, simply log into your N26 app:

  • Click on “+” and select MoneyBeam
  • Choose a contact from your telephone book; N26 contacts are tagged with a blue spot.
  • Enter the amount and, if you wish, a message
  • Enter your payment transfer PIN
  • Confirm the MoneyBeam from the push message received

If the payee is an N26 customer, the amount will be credited immediately*.

Payees who are not N26 customers will receive an offline MoneyBeam link, either by text message or email, in which the recipient's bank account details can be entered. The money will be credited to the given bank account within a period of two banking days.

Should the payee fail to retrieve the offline MoneyBeam within a period of seven days, the transaction is cancelled and re-credited to the account of the sender.

*MoneyBeams for N26 customers are limited to 1,000 euros, and for other contacts to 100 euros, in any 24-hour period.

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