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MoneyBeam transactions

This article explains how you can easily exchange money with your contacts, and in real-time with other N26 customers.

Applicable to:

  • All Regions

What is MoneyBeam?

With MoneyBeam, you can transfer money to your contacts without knowing their bank details. If the recipient is also a N26 customer, they will receive the transfer in real-time.

How does MoneyBeam work?

You can create a MoneyBeam at any time in the N26 App. To initiate it, follow these steps:

  • Log into the N26 App
  • Click + and select MoneyBeam
  • Choose the contact you want to send money to, N26 contacts are marked with a blue dot
  • You will be prompted for the transfer amount and optional message
  • Enter your transfer PIN to initiate the transaction

Now you can confirm the MoneyBeam with a push notification. If the recipient is a N26 customer as well, they will receive the transfer instantly*.

If the recipient is not a N26 customer, they will receive an offline MoneyBeam. They will get a link via SMS or email where they will be prompted to enter their bank details, and the money will be transferred to their account within one to two banking days.

If an offline MoneyBeam isn't collected by the recipient within seven days, the transaction will be reverted, and the sender's account will be credited again.

*N26 Bank customers can instantly use the funds for card as well as bank transactions. Customers whose accounts are still with our old partner bank can not use the funds for bank transactions before they are fully deposited (1-2 business days).

What are the limits with MoneyBeam?

The transfer limits within 24 hours are:

  • MoneyBeam to another N26 customer: 1.000,00 €
  • Offline MoneyBeam to non-customer: 100,00 €

Why did my MoneyBeam to another N26 customer fail?

During the account transfer period to N26 Bank, MoneyBeams between N26 customers will temporarily be suspended across the two banking platforms, which means that customers who haven't transferred their account to N26 Bank yet will not be able to send MoneyBeams to customers who have already transferred their accounts, and vice versa. Offline MoneyBeams to accounts at other banks are not impacted by this.

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