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Service: How long payment transfers take

All payment transfers using the SEPA system, both national and international, are completed within one banking day in accordance with the agreement. Due to the opening times of the participating institutions, however, in some cases one banking day may stretch to two actual working days.

With MoneyBeam, you can transfer money to other N26 customers in real time and with CASH26, pay cash into your account in real time. You can immediately view the status of the transaction in your N26 app.

Card transactions are also triggered instantaneously and confirmed by means of a push message. Nevertheless, departures thereto can occasionally occur:

  • Even if you have already triggered a payment, it can happen that the retailer only debits the amount after several days.
  • If the retailer has initially booked a higher amount from your account, the difference will be credited to your account.
  • After you have received notification of a refund, it may take a further banking day for the amount to actually be credited to your account.
  • For transactions made in foreign currencies, exchange rate fluctuations between the time the transaction is authorised and the time it is concluded may result in slight differences in the amounts transferred.
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