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The N26 Mastercard

This article describes the features of your N26 Mastercard.

Applicable to:

  • All Regions

Card Type and Acceptance

Your N26 Mastercard is a debit card, which means it has higher acceptance than a prepaid card. It is not a credit card that comes with a monthly bill: All transactions with your N26 Mastercard occur in real-time and are directly debited to your N26 Account. This way you have full control over your spending and your available balance, with instant push notifications for each and every transaction.

Your N26 Mastercard is accepted at ATMs and in shops worldwide, as well as online, everywhere where you see the Mastercard symbol. If you have questions about card acceptance, or your card got declined, please check here for a list of possible reasons.

Card Security Features

Your N26 Mastercard is protected by your personal PIN, which you need for ATM withdrawals and POS payments. Learn more about PINs here.

In addition to the PIN, there are several unique security features to your N26 Mastercard:

  • Set and change your PIN at any time
  • Block your N26 Mastercard in real-time if you have misplaced it
  • Real-time block for specific transaction types: ATM, online, abroad
  • You can switch these blocks on and off at any given time, changes take effect immediately
  • Report your card as stolen directly from the N26 App or the Card Info section of the Web App
  • Account based card spending limits that you can adjust yourself to suit your needs

NFC (contactless payments)

The N26 Mastercard is equipped with NFC, enabling contactless payments at many merchants for amounts up to 25.00 EUR. This feature is available worldwide, however Mastercard markets different contactless payment products in different regions. For this reason, spending limits and other limitations may apply depending on your location. In order to activate NFC on your card, you once have to pay with your PIN successfully.

PIN code is not working after card activation

When you set the PIN for your N26 Mastercard or Maestro card, it is stored securely in the Mastercard network as your online PIN. However, in some countries, such as France, Ireland, Greece and Slovakia, merchants predominantly use card terminals that rely on an offline PIN. These machines will verify the PIN code against a secure element on your card’s chip, not against the Mastercard network. That is why your PIN code is not accepted at these terminals.

In order for your card to work at these terminals, you first need to synchronize your online PIN to the secure element on your card’s chip. You can do this easily by withdrawing money at an ATM with your card.

Disposing of your old N26 Mastercard

When your Mastercard is expired, or you don't use it any longer, it should be disposed of correctly. To do that, you have to shred it or cut it up with scissors. In addition to the name and card number, it is important that you cut up the following parts:

  • Chip
  • NFC antenna
  • Magnetic strip

To increase security even further, we recommend that you dispose of the card shreds in different bins.

Card Issuer

N26 Bank is the issuer of all new N26 cards. Cards have previously been issued by our old banking partner Wirecard Bank AG. All cards issued by our old partner will be closed and replaced with N26 Bank issued cards once you transfer your account to N26 Bank.

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