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Debit card: What you can use your N26 Mastercard for

Your N26 Mastercard is a debit card: all transactions take place in real-time. We'll alert you when any incoming or outgoing transaction happens via push messages.

Your N26 Mastercard is accepted worldwide at ATMs, in shops, and online everywhere you see the Mastercard logo. The card is protected by your personal PIN, which you must enter any time you use your card. You can protect yourself from fraud by changing your PIN, blocking or unblocking your card, or by setting your limits (for ATMs, online or abroad payments) in the app yourself.

If your card is stolen, you can report it directly via the app in the Control Center ⚙ or in the card info section of the WebApp.

The latest version of the N26 Mastercard with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows you to pay contactlessly at many retailers.

When your Mastercard has expired or you no longer need it, please destroy the card. You can do this by cutting it with scissors or a shredder. The chip, NFC antenna, and the magnetic strip should all be cut into pieces and thrown into different waste disposal facilities.

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