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Security: How to link your smartphone to your N26 account

In order to use your N26 account, you will need a smartphone. Your smartphone must either be an iPhone (4S or later, at least iOS 9) or an Android smartphone (5.0 or later).

If no smartphone has already been linked to your N26 account, simply start the app on your smartphone. Once you have confirmed your mobile phone number, received a 4-digit code via text message and entered it, you should have access to all the functions of your account.

If you wish to link another phone to your N26 account, you must first disconnect your old phone in the Control Center ⚙. You will then receive an email with further information.

If you are unable to disconnect the telephone, due to the device having been lost or stolen, please make contact with our Customer Service.

Incidentally, it is your device which we connect, not your telephone number or your SIM card. View our 3-layer security architecture here.

With some Android devices, changing the security settings or completely switching off the telephone can remove an existing link. In this unusual case, please go through the instructions for re-establishing the link again.

Link error: Start the process again and for the question "Is this your number?", select "no". Enter your phone number manually and confirm it to receive the code via text message.

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