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Identity verification

This article describes how you can verify your identity, an important step when opening your N26 account.

Applicable to:

Available Identification Methods

You can either verify your identity with an IDnow video call directly from your N26 app. Additionally, in Germany you can verify your identity by visiting a local post office.

Reasons for Identify Verification

Banks, financial institutions and other obligated parties, as defined in §2 section 1 GWG (prevention of money laundering act), are obliged to assert the identity of a contract party before entering a business relationship, in accordance with §3 GWG. This means there is a legal obligation to verify the identity of everyone who applies to open a N26 account. §4 GWG stipulates exactly which data has to be collected and verified.

IDnow Video Verification

A video call is the fastest and most convenient way to verify your identity. Please log into your N26 app after you have verified your email address, and select "Verify your Identity". After confirming the check list and the terms and conditions of our partner IDnow, a representative will guide you through the steps and will take photos of your passport or national ID. IDnow is available from 8:00am till midnight (CET). Immediately after the identification process is completed, your N26 Mastercard will be ordered, and you will be able to pair your smartphone with your account.

Please note that IDnow can't accept all types of documents due to technical reasons. The list of supported documents is constantly growing, please find the most recent version here: list of supported identification documents

Moreover, for France, special requirements for the verification apply. Please read on here.

The most common reason for IDnow to fail is a bad camera resolution or unfavorable lighting conditions. Please repeat the call with a device that has a better camera, or change to an area with a sufficient amount of natural light.

If your passport or national ID is not currently supported by IDnow, please choose Post Ident to verify your identity, or try again once IDnow adds support for your specific document.

Post Ident Verification

The Post Ident service offered by Deutsche Post allows you to verify your identity at your local post office. In order to start the process, please log into your N26 app and choose Post Ident as your identification method.

We will send you an email with a coupon that you can print. Please bring this coupon, along with your passport or national ID, to your nearest post office. Please note that this service is only supported in branches of Deutsche Post, parcel points and agency shops might not be able to offer this service.

Once your Post Ident has been submitted, your N26 Mastercard will be ordered, and you will be able to pair your smartphone with your account.

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