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Identification: How we get to know each other

Show us your ID to open your N26 account.

True in all regions.

As a bank, we need to know who you are. That’s why you need to show us your ID.

We pay attention to a few things – specifically your personal data, as well as some security features of your ID.

This is how we meet after you have validated your email address:

  • You either start a video call directly from the N26 app
  • Or you take a pic of your ID plus a selfie in the N26 app (not available in Germany)
  • Or you check in at your closest post office to show your ID there (only available in Germany)

After you tell us which type of ID you want to introduce yourself with, we will suggest the best option for you.

Solve some frequent issues:

  • The video call can fail in low light conditions or due to bad picture quality. Please make sure to make the call in a bright surrounding, use a phone with a good camera, and a fast internet connection.
  • If you take a pic of your ID and a selfie, and the first attempt doesn’t go through, just start over again. If that isn’t possible, we’ll notice and will send you an email once you can proceed. This can take a few days though.

As soon as we know it’s you, we’ll send you your N26 Mastercard.

Learn what happens next

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