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Welcome: How you can open an N26 account

We’re happy that you want to open an N26 account. It’s really simple.

True in all regions.

You can open an N26 account if you’re at least 18 years old, are living in one of these countries, and own a compatible smartphone.

In addition, we need your consent to our terms and conditions and to our creditworthiness check.

But you can open an account even if you don’t fulfill our creditworthiness requirements – the N26 Flex account.

To start the sign-up, simply create an account in the N26 app or on the N26 website and confirm your email address.

You can then introduce yourself with your ID directly in the app and then pair your smartphone with your account.

That’s it. In a couple of days you’ll receive your N26 Mastercard in the post.

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