How do I add money to my N26 account?

We make is easy to fund your N26 account. You can add money via several methods, including direct deposit, debit card transfer, ACH bank to bank transfer, and MoneyBeam, to name a few. Please look below for more information.

Debit card transfer (Non Funded Accounts Only): Use a debit card to instantly fund your account right from the app. This is the fastest and simplest way to add money to your N26 account with a free, one-time transaction. Just log into the iOS or Android app and follow the instructions on the main screen.

This option is available to customers who have not previously funded their N26 account.

Find additional details in this document(new tab).

MoneyBeam: Instantly send money to (or receive money from) other N26 members. Find additional details in our "What is MoneyBeam?" article.

Direct Deposit: If you intend to fund your account via direct deposit, simply provide the sender (your employer, financial institution, Armed Forces, Social Security, etc.) with our ABA routing number (122287675) and your personal N26 account number. 

You can locate your account number by clicking on the “My Account” option on the top right side of the website (and the mobile application) after logging into your N26 account.

In case your employer needs a direct deposit form, please click here(new tab)

Third party payment processors

Send money to your account using services like Cash App, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle.

  1. Cash App(new tab)

  2. Paypal(new tab)

  3. Venmo(new tab)

  4. Zelle(new tab)

External Bank Account to N26 (ACH transfer):

Transfer funds directly from your primary bank account into your N26 account with an ACH Transfer.

  1. Log into your financial institution's online banking platform or mobile app (if applicable).

  2. Locate the “External Transfers” or “Transfer Money” or “External Account” or similar option and add your N26 checking account as a new account.

    • The bank account originating the transfer does not have to be under your name. However, please make sure that the recipient’s name is your full name as entered during the account sign-up process.

  3. Input our ABA routing number (122287675) and your personal checking account number.

    • You can locate your account number by clicking on the “My Account” option on the top right side of the website or by clicking the icon in the mobile app, after logging into your N26 account.

  4. Your financial institution may make a small test deposit(s) into your N26 account, within a few days, to verify your account. Typically, to complete the process, you may have to confirm the test deposit(s) with the originating financial institution.

  5. Upon completing the initial process, you should be able to transfer funds in or out of your N26 account using the third party banks fund transfer feature.


  • Please be advised that these are general guidelines and your financial institution’s requirements may differ.

  • Some banks may experience issues processing money transfers to the routing number 122287675. At this time, ACH bank transfers from Capital One and from USAA are not available to fund your N26 account. If you encounter this issue, please use another bank account to transfer money into your N26 account.