Why did my online purchase fail?

An online payment can fail for several reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Your account is low on funds. Don’t forget to check your balance before making an online purchase. Your balance must be greater than the total purchase amount.
  • The card settings in the mobile application don’t allow online payments. We recommend that you check your card settings in your N26 application before making an online purchase. To do this:
    • Log into the mobile application.
    • Tap on “Cards”.
    • Tap on "Settings."
    • Ensure that the toggle button is set to enable “Online payments.
  • You have set the limit on your card to be too low.
    • Log into the mobile application.
    • Tap on "Cards".
    • Tap on “Settings”.
    • Check the “Daily Payment Limit” on your card and adjust it if necessary. Note: This limit cannot be raised above $5,000/day. There is also a maximum cumulative 30-day limit (cumulative total of all POS, ATM and other withdrawals every 30-day period) of $30,000.
  • You made a purchase on a website that doesn’t accept debit cards. Check the information provided by the website itself. It might only accept credit cards and not debit cards. If that is the case, you will not be able to use your N26 Visa card.