What is MoneyBeam?

MoneyBeam is a service that allows you to send money to (or receive money from) other N26 members.

How to send a MoneyBeam:

Log into the N26 application and then:

  1. Tap "+" then "MoneyBeam".

  2. Choose a contact from your contact list, using the contact's email address or phone number. Please note that:

    1. The recipient must have an N26 US account.

    2. If using the recipient's phone number, you must enter +1 or 001 before the number.

    3. The recipient must be visible in MoneyBeam. (See how to do this in Related Topics below)

  3. Enter the Amount and a Reference Text.

  4. Confirm with your PIN to send the transfer. If the transaction is successful:

    1. The recipient will receive a push notification and see the transaction in their transaction list (credit).

    2. You will see the transaction in your transaction list (debit).

Related topics

  • "Can I send a MoneyBeam to a Non-N26 customer?"

Unfortunately, no. MoneyBeam transfers can only occur between N26 customers.

  • "Can I send a MoneyBeam to a Non-US N26 customer?"

Unfortunately, no. US MoneyBeam transfers can only be made to fellow US N26 customers.

  • "Do I actively have to opt in to use MoneyBeam?"

Yes, both parties have to actively opt in to use the MoneyBeam feature.

  • "Are there limits to MoneyBeam?"

Yes. The maximum amount that you can transfer is $3,000 (per transaction), $3,000 daily limit (rolling 24 hours), and a $12,000 monthly limit (= per calendar month).

  • "Are there fees associated with MoneyBeam?"

No, there are no fees to use MoneyBeam.

  • "How will this transaction show up in my account?"

Each MoneyBeam transaction will show up as a 2 line item in the transaction detail file. One line will have a positive amount, and the other line will have a negative amount depending on who is sending the money (debited) and who is receiving the money (credited).

  • "How can I make sure that I am visible/not visible to all of my contacts?" 

That's easy! To make sure that you are visible/not visible:

  1. Go to 👤My Account in the application.

  2. Select SettingsPersonal settings→Personal Information

  3. Checking the box "I have read and agree...identifiable as an N26 customer while using MoneyBeam" will make you visible. Unchecking it will make you invisible.

  • "Why can't I see other N26 users on MoneyBeam?"

If you don’t see a friend on MoneyBeam but you know they are an N26 user:

  1. They most likely haven’t made themselves visible. Please share the process above with them.

  2. Make sure your friend's contact number/email is the same as the one associated with their N26 account.