What if my card is lost?

If your card has been lost (or stolen or damaged), you can block the card immediately and order a new one from within the N26 mobile application. To do so:

  1. Launch the N26 mobile application.

  2. Tap the Cards button. 

  3. Tap Card Settings.

  4. Tap Order a new card.

  5. Select the reason that you are ordering a new card. Please note that selecting I lost my card, My card got stolen, or Other will immediately lock your current card permanently. Selecting My card is broken will still allow you to use your card to conduct online transactions until you have activated your new card.

  6. Tap "Continue" when ready. 

  7. Follow the screen guides to complete your new card order. 

Please make sure to review all of your transactions to ensure that nothing is unauthorized. If you come across any transactions that you do not recognize, please contact customer support as soon as possible. If you've never activated your card, please contact us so that we can order a card for you. You can reach us by phone at 1-888-N26-0-N26 (1-888-626-0626) or chat in our mobile application or via the WebApp.(new tab)