Discount Perks

  • "How do I sign up for a Discount Perk?"

Signing up for a Discount Partner is very simple and is accomplished via the mobile or web app. 

  • On launching the app, tap on the Explore tab.  
  • Once in the Explore page, go down to the Discounts section.
  • Then scroll left or right to find the appropriate Perks.

  • "How many Discount Perks can I redeem?"

You can redeem as many Discount Perks as we have available, subject to T&Cs of each Discount Perk, which you can find detailed in each Discount Perk listed in the N26 mobile application.

  • "Do Discount Perks have a termination period? "

Expiration dates vary. Please read the Terms and Conditions of the Discount Perk to ensure that you understand the details. Please be aware that N26 reserves the right to terminate an offer at any time.