All About Perks

  • "Do you need an N26 card to take advantage of these Perks?"

Yes, you need an active N26 card to take advantage of these Perks.

  • "Will I be able to enroll in Perks as soon as I open an N26 account, or will I need to wait some time?"

Perks will be available to you as soon as you activate your card, and will always be available for you as long as your card is active.

  • "Can I access Perks through the web app?"

No, you cannot.  Perks are only available through the mobile app.

  • "What is the difference between a Cashback and a Discount Perk?"

The main difference between the two Perks is that the Cashback Perk is a subscription-based benefit, where you get a refund on your monthly subscription payment, from N26.  A Discount Perk is a purchase based benefit where you are able to purchase items at a reduced price - a discount. In general, Discounts are applied instantly while Cashbacks may take up to a couple of business days to get credited to your account.

  • "Do I need a minimum balance in order to enroll in Perks?" 

While you do not need a minimum balance to enroll in Perks,  You must have a minimum balance to cover the selected subscription amount for your monthly Cashback Perk or to purchase the goods/services associated with your Discount Perk.