How to invite friends to join N26?

You can start inviting friends from the N26 mobile application and web application as soon as you have access to your account. Once your friend successfully opens their N26 account and spends the required amount, both of you will receive a bonus! To invite friends:

  • On iOS and Android
  1. Log into your account and tap on the Explore button.
  2. Tap on Refer friends.
  3. Tap on Tell a friend.
  4. Select one of the options available for sharing.
  5. Write a message to your friend or use the default message then tap Send.
  • On the web application
  1. Log into your account, then go to My Account in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the Invite your friends option (next to the gift box icon).
  3. After reading the instructions and viewing the terms and conditions, click on Start inviting.
  4. You can copy your unique referral code by clicking on it or you can send the referral directly via your preferred sharing method.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Does the link that I sent my friend expire?"

The link does not expire and can be used at any time, unless your friend has already started the sign-up process. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

"Can I invite more than one person?"

You can share your unique and personal referral code with more than one friend. You can even post it on social media!

“How can I check the status of a referral?”

You can check on the status of a referral directly through the N26 mobile or web application. To check on the status of a referral:

In the mobile application:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Tap on Explore.
  3. Tap on Refer friends.
  4. Tap on See your Invites.
  5. Any friends who have used your referral code will be displayed.

In the web application:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on My Account in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on Invite your friends.
  4. Any friends who have used your referral code will be displayed.

“Can I invite someone outside of the US?”

No - N26 accounts are available only to US residents.

“How does the referral bonus work?”

When your friend has completed the sign-up process and made a purchase that is equal to or more than the required amount with their N26 Visa® debit card, both parties will receive the bonus. In order to qualify for a bonus, the purchase must be a single transaction that is at least the required amount, not a series of transactions that add up to it.

“How long does it take for my friend and I to receive the referral bonus?”

The referral credit should be added to your accounts immediately once the conditions mentioned above are met.