How to close my N26 account?

To close your N26 account, please contact us at 1-888-N26-0-N26 (1-888-626-0626) or via chat in our mobile application or WebApp (new tab) and we'll help you take care of it.

A few tips to help speed up the account closure process:

  • In order to close your account, your balance must be zero.
  • Accounts with a positive balance: If you have a positive balance in your main account or in Spaces (new tab), you have a few options to take your balance to zero. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with any of these options. Please note that direct transfers and/or withdrawals cannot be made directly out of Spaces. Any balance in your Spaces must first be moved into your main account for it to be accessible.
    • If you have a balance in a denomination that you can withdraw from an ATM, you can easily take your balance to zero this way (please see our article “All about Allpoint (new tab)” for more information).
    • You can use your N26 debit card to make a purchase that will take your balance to zero.
    • You can use a third-party payment processor (PayPal, for example) and transfer your remaining balance.
    • You can transfer your balance to an external bank account. This can be done by initiating a withdrawal by the external bank from your N26 account. Please see our article “How to add money to my N26 account (new tab)” to learn more about linking an external bank account to your N26 account. Please note that the transfer must be initiated at the external bank account. We do not currently offer the ability to transfer funds from your N26 account to an external bank account from within our mobile or web applications.

After your account is closed, please destroy your card by cutting it with scissors or a shredder. The chip, NFC antenna, and the magnetic strip should all be cut into pieces and disposed of separately.

Please note that the process of closing your account will take a minimum of 10 business days. We will notify you via email when it is closed.