How do I change my personal data?

It’s important to keep your N26 personal data up to date (for example, your mobile phone number is necessary to connect your smartphone). Here's how you can change your information in our mobile application:

  • Shipping address:
    • Go to 👤 (My Account).
    • Select "Settings"
    • Tap on "Personal Settings".
    • Make the necessary changes to your shipping address.
  • Account password:
    • Go to 👤 (My Account).
    • Select "Settings".
    • Select "Security".
    • Tap on "Change login Password."
    • Make the necessary changes to your login information.
  • Email address or other personal information (DOB, etc):
    • Please contact us via chat or phone at 1-888-626-0626 as we need to verify your identity. We do not change this personal data via email. This is to ensure your security.